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  • Established in 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada with R&D and Manufacturing facilities in S. Korea. 

  • ​R&D and manufacturing of extreme-grade and full-custom indoor and outdoor weatherproof LCD & LED displays.

  • Key resources with advanced LCD & LED display technology expertise from Silicon Valley (USA) and LG (S. Korea).  

  • Expertise in CMS (Content Management System) solutions and Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) Ad business services.   

  • Notable accomplishments in waterproofing/weatherproofing of LCD displays (IP67/IP68 fully underwater submersible UL ratings granted in 2011) and invention of the world’s finest pixel pitch transparent film LED displays (4mm, symmetrical) at direct-sun readable brightness (6,000 NITS) in 2018. 

  • 100% Made-In-Korea as the original developer and manufacturer (not a reseller). 



DISNEY MARVEL AVENGERS Immersive Digital Experiences Worldwide, Las Vegas Hotel-Casinos, World's First 3-Sided LCD Digital Taxi Top Displays, World's Largest and Brightest Digital Drive-Thru Menu Displays, ANHEUSER BUSCH & PGA TOUR (Outdoor Waterproof Interactive KIOSKs), NHRA and NASCAR TRACKS (Outdoor KIOSKs), NFL Stadiums (Outdoor Displays and KIOSKs), European Cruise Ships (Corrosion-Free Waterproof On-Deck HD Displays), Seaside Waterfront Stores in Japan (Corrosion-Free Salt-Waterproof HD Displays), Shopping Malls & Department Stores in Korea and Japan, Global Hospitality Groups (STARWOOD: Sheraton and Westin) - Waterproof Bathroom/Shower HDTVs, etc.

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