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Q: Who designs your displays? 

A: All done in-house.  Our ID (Industrial Design) staff and in-house engineers design and spec out all of our displays for standard as well as custom design and feature requirements by each customer.


Q: Are you using 3rd party waterproof/weatherproof technologies? 

A: 100% of R&D is done by our own engineering resources in-house.  Some of the key aspects of IP67/68-grade waterproof/weatherproof technologies we have invented are patented.  We have, in fact, licensed and private-labeled our IP67/68-rated HD displays to one of the leading US outdoor display brands.  Our IP67/68 rated displays have been underwater tested and fully certified by the UL as TRUE IP67/68.  


Q: Are you only making displays for outdoor applications? 

A: Our main technological forte and expertise are in developing and manufacturing of military-grade LCD and LED displays perfect for harsh outdoor environmental elements (extreme heat/cold, dust/debris, corrosion, bright sunlight, etc.).  And, our outdoor displays of various types have been fully tested, utilized and well-received by various venues around the world.  


With such extreme-scale environmental display technologies, we can also produce down-scaled versions for indoor applications but still with high-end technologies for exreme operational settings such as 24/7 Non-Stop operation in public venues without overheating or isotropic failures - blackening or crystalization of LCD screens.  


Such indoor displays of P2P's can be found at DISNEY MARVEL AVERNGERS Digital Exhibits in 5 countries, Hotel/Casino Venues in Las Vegas, etc.  And our displays at such venues have been operating non-stop (24/7 operation) for many years with zero failure and zero service calls, to-date. 


Q: Which products are most popular today? 

A: With Out-of-Home (OOH) Digital Signage market rapidly growing, we have been producing a variety of LCD and LED dispalys for such purposes:  Digital Video Walls (Indoor & Outdoor), Transparent LED Displays (Indoor and Outdoor), Sensory-Input activated KIOSKs (Indoor and Outdoor), Digital Drive-Thru Menu Board systems, Digital Taxi Top Displays, and Large-Size Outdoor 4K UHD HDTVs (75", 86" and 100").  


Q: How customizable are your displays? 

A: P2P, as a full custom-development technology house, can spec out all features and designs at customer's requirements (hardware and software developments, including customer's custom logos on the display User Interface or UI). 


Q: How long is your warranty for? 

A: Our standard warranty on our products is for 2 years.  All our LCD display products use LG's LCD Cells as core, which come with only 1 year warranty by LG, but we extend our warranty on all of our products to 2 years as standard.  We also offer extended warranty options (3-year, 4-year and 5-year). 


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